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Ages 2-6, near Altın Oran

For globetrotters
Ages 3-6, behind United Nations

For cuties
Ages 0-2, Very soon...

Which school does your child go?

This episode of "Çocuk Ruhu" (the Spirit of a Child) broadcasted on TRT Sports channel was completely filmed in our classes and in the sports arena within our school.

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Yasemin Oruncak was invited as a guest to TRT, and shared her views on preschool education.

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Learning through play

We create an environment where our children can learn through play, develop social
and cognitive skills and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences.


We learn in workshop environments, using Montessori tools.

Emotional and Social

We take creative drama, emotional intelligence, values education and go on a lot of day trips.

Physical Development

We use our energy for healthy development with balanced nutrition.

I want to see the world.
Russia, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Malesia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Belarus…
I have friends from all around the world.

How do we communicate?
By singing songs together.
By being a kid and laughing and giggling a lot!

We create an environment where our children appreciate the richness of diversity. We have full-day Turkish, full-day English and full-day Russian classes for different age groups.

Our children can take English and Russian language education independent of their main class. They learn songs in English and Russian and say hello to a new language.

We love swimming.
And gymnastics.
And ballet.
We want to exercise all year long.
And run a lot.

How about a full-court basketball game? Are you in?

Our building was designed as a junior sports academy, complete with closed swimming pool, full size junior basketball court, mini soccer court, gymnastics room and many more. Our children grow by spending their energy for healthy development.

Come and join us...

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Başlangıç Akademi Kreş ve Gündüz Bakımevi has been acquired by Minik Devler Anaokulu as of April 1st, 2015.

Minik Devler Preschool

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Minik Devler Preschool

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